Alana Sussan


Alana’s Pilates journey started out like any other might.  She purchased a package of 10 classes and then 10 more and she was without a doubt hooked!  Pilates wasn’t like any other exercise she had ever tried.  Alana liked how each session was different and with so much concentration on form and putting those small muscles to use she loved the way it kept her mind focused.  She was never bored as she had been with other workouts.  To her it felt like she got to escape for the hour to solely focus on bettering herself with something she loved.  Soon after, Alana saw her muscles start to tone and after every class her body just felt good!  This was it and how Alana found her new passion.  Many years went by, and Alana continued to attend Pilates regularly and improve her skill.  At the time Alana was the owner of a custom upholstery company and even though she enjoyed it she had long been thinking about getting a Pilates certification, maybe even one day opening a studio of her own.  Alana completed her 450-hour certification through Pilates Sports Center, and she continues to further her Pilates education.  Alana wants to make sure her clients get the most out of their time spent with her so she will challenge you with a session that will target all areas of the body. You are guaranteed to feel your muscles working in any of her classes. Alana is a believer that it’s all about progress and feeling good from the inside out. She is excited to help you reach your fitness and health goals! Alana is also part of a wellness team lead by a dietitian, so we encourage you to ask her about nutrition programs too.

Lulu Martinez


Lulu Martinez is a Native Angeleno who became an advocate for health and fitness at an early age due to being raised by an athlete.  She has always been fascinated by holistic health and Eastern medicine, which led her to enroll at the National Holistic Institute. After being a certified Massage/Bodywork Therapist for several years she began to explore other healing modalities. Lulu found Pilates to be grounding, healing, challenging, body transforming, and the perfect addition to her massage rehabilitation practice. Since completing training with Risa Sheppard founder of “Sheppard Method Pilates” in 2009 and trained with PMA master trainer Julie Bond Rhyne, Lulu has worked for chiropractors, healing centers, Pilates studios and her own private practice.  “I find Pilates to be empowering, healing, and the most disciplined fitness program I have encountered.” Whether you’re an athlete, dancer, busy mom, fitness enthusiast, or working through an injury, I believe Pilates is for everyone. My mission is to teach classes with the intention of helping my clients feel good positive energy, feel interconnected with their bodies, mind and spirit, stress relief, health, self-awareness and movement is the best medicine.” Lulu is very enthusiastic about joining the Pilates Sculpt team and looks forward to meeting everyone.

Michele Cazares


In 2006 Michele started practicing Pilates while running and training for Marathons. She found that Pilates was a perfect fit for her to gain strength and flexibility.  Little did Michele know that she would fall in love with and receive so many more benefits from a Pilates practice than she could have imagined.  Michele saw so much value in her own Pilates practice that in 2017 she became PMA (Pilates Method Alliance)  certified in Pilates for Rehab. While working in a physical therapy clinic she honed in on her skills to work with injured bodies and pelvic floor deficiencies.  She specializes in teaching people how to modify for their own body type and how to prevent flare ups from old injuries.  

Michele really thrives teaching beginners and clients with body limitations.  Her teaching style has been influenced by her work at a PT clinic.  However, she can still give a killer toning and sculpting Pilates class that will not only give you a great workout but will also leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated.  

Michelle recently expanded her Pilates practice and expertise by completing the Bridge Program with Balance Body in 2022. There are so many layers to this wonderful practice and she looks forward to meeting and working with you in classes or one on one. 

Suzannah Ruth


Suzannah Hails from Manchester, England! She started training as a dancer at a young age and earned a BA Honors degree in Dance Theatre at the London Studio Center in England. Suzannah worked as a professional dancer with household names such as JLo and Meghan Trainor, and on hit shows like Dancing With the Stars and The Voice. She most recently toured with the Weeknd. After being introduced to Pilates, she noticed the positive impact it had on her dancing and her life so getting certified to train seemed like an obvious next step. She earned her Pilates Certification from the Pilates Sports Center in 2018 and emerged with a newfound knowledge of the mind and body and feeling stronger than ever before. She set out as a trainer to improve lives and create healthy bodies in order to prevent injury and pain. Her extensive dance background gives her an eye for good form, technique and athletic movement. Suzannah designs her workouts as if she’s choreographing on the reformer so she’ll keep you moving and get your heart rate up, but her sweet, British accent will have you mesmerized the entire time!

Sheri Dee


Sheri started her Pilates journey while working long hours at a desk job and commuting in traffic. Ten years ago, one of her cousins suggested she try Pilates.  From the very first class she was hooked. After a few years she decided to get fully certified as a Pilates Instructor through Pilates Sports Center in Encino. She enjoys taking workshops to continue her own personal Pilates journey and to add to her teaching skills. She believes the set-up of each exercise is just as important as the movement. She wants you to feel good, get a great workout, and not have to think about anything else other than your mind-body connection and self-care. Sheri has learned movement is medicine and that Pilates can shift your entire sense of well-being. Pilates is a process, practice and a way of life!

 Chris Ann Diaz


Chris Ann was born and raised in Southern California, the center for all things health and wellness. This has motivated Chris Ann to take fitness seriously. She took interest in Pilates for its amazing benefits. Chris Ann has personally done Pilates for the past 17 years and 15 of those years she has been an instructor. She was professionally trained through BASI, including a certification in pre/post-natal. She loves helping clients reach their goals and creating fun and challenging classes.

 Kiana Fotoohi


Kiana discovered her love for Pilates in her freshman year taking a Pilates elective course while earning her bachelor’s in fine arts for Dance Performance at Rutgers University. Being a mover her whole life, the practice of Pilates ignited a spark in Kiana through the physical and emotional benefits she felt after each class. She wanted to dig deeper into this practice and share it with others, not just dancers, but all bodies – to improve their mobility, coordination and find their breath.

She received her Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates Education (500 hours), which had an emphasis on rehabilitation of patients with spinal pathologies, previous injuries, and more. She is nationally certified (NCPT) and taught private sessions in New York City after graduating. Kiana loves helping her clients achieve their goals, see results and feel the same benefits she did with this integration of mind, body and spirit.

Now being back in her hometown of Pasadena, Kiana has had the opportunity to work with a vast range of clients in group classes or private sessions in Pasadena and Los Angeles. In Jan. 2022, Kiana started working as a Pilates Specialist in the dance program at Loyola Marymount University, training dancers in Pilates to enhance their dancing. She guides each person through the type of class their body needs, having them leave their Pilates class with more self-confidence and self-awareness. She has worked with pre/post-natal clients as well as clients with scoliosis, sciatica, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, rotator cuff tears and more.